Our Programs

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Forget Me Knot Youth Services Drop-In Center is a refuge for youth experiencing homelessness. We have a Drop-In Center, Emergency Hosuning, Basic Center  - all provide a safe haven where youth can get their most basic needs met while getting support for their education.



The Social Enterprise & Entrepreneur Development program exposes young people to the social enterprise model, business development, business management, and financial literacy.  This platform is a positive solution to reducing criminal behavior, as it offers positive ways for young people to earn income. The design of YBL is supported by partner organizations who volunteer time to work with young people to manufacture products, which are than marketed and sold by youth. The youth receive a  commission off product sales and the remainder is distributed to fund the social enterprise model.


FMKYS supports arts and music programs. When the homework is done, the beds are made, let's dance, sing and have fun.  


Youth Speaks is a forum for young people to empower themselves to impact systems in their lives in a collaborative learning environment. Each youth has an opportunity to speak to people in power, learn self advocacy, influence legislation, study key issues like gun reform, reentry, economic development, economic inclusion


We offer programs for our resident youth. Some of these programs are open to the entire community. 


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