Forget Me Knot Youth Services Drop-In Center is a refuge for youth experiencing homelessness. The Drop-In Center provides a safe haven where youth can get their most basic needs met including:

  • A temporary respite from the outdoor elements

  • A hot breakfast served Monday through Friday

  • Lockers to keep their possessions safe

  • Laundry services

  • Showers

  • First aid supplies


In addition to helping youth get their basic needs met, the Drop-In Center and Outreach staff offer a listening ear, guidance, and support. They lead essential life skills courses in subjects such as healthy relationships, sex education, finances, and more to help many of the youth we serve on their individual paths to self-sufficiency. Staff also work to provide crisis intervention, counseling, and appropriate community based referrals. 

Who can come to Our Youth Drop-in?

Any youth [including those aged 12-18 who identify within the LGBTQ+ umbrella, or are questioning their sexual and/or gender identity] are welcome to Youth Drop-in on Sundays and Wednesdays. Allies are also welcomed.

What happens on my first day?

When you arrive, you will be warmly welcomed into our family and asked for your preferred name and pronouns. There is some paper work that will need to be completed upon arrival that asks for your contact information and some questions about your background. After you complete your paperwork, one of our friendly youths will give you a tour of the space and answer any questions that you might have. You might be nervous at first, but rest assured that everyone feels like that at first. Our youth and staff will make sure that you are included in conversations and activities.


Do my parents need to know I'm here?

No. We will never contact your parents if you are not comfortable with that. We ask that you provide an emergency contact, but this does not have to be your parents.


What happens at Drop-in?

From 4:30-7pm and 4:30-8pm during the summer, youth hang out, eat snacks from our free snack closet, check in with counselors and staff if needed, and catch up with friends. The Drop-in Center is a space for you  to express and explore your genuine identity while connecting with other youth who share similar experiences. From 6pm-7pm, everyone in the house gathers in our family room to do introductions, answer a question of the day, and listen to announcements. After this, an hour of programming is provided for all youth. Programming in the past has included song/poetry workshops, hot topic conversations, art lessons, speakers, and much more. After programming, youth continue to hang out until 8:30pm.


Do I have to pay to come to Drop-in?

No. Drop-in is completely free thanks to our generous donors. 

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