Our Mission

To provide a loving holistic environment that will end economic disparities, poverty to prison pipelines and youth homelessness through our four pillar system that includes our business and economic development league, supportive housing, crisis intervention and counseling, and culturally integrated educational programs.



Forget Me Knot Youth Services has been providing a myriad of services for young people since 2014 in the greater Philadelphia Region. Our goal is to provide a holistic environment for staff, program participants, and the community at large to end economic disparities, poverty, prison pipe lines and homelessness. We are committed to providing continuous development by communicating with our partners that support at-risk, trafficked runaway, and homeless youth. We encourage youth to enhance their skills that will allow for economic sustainability, positive decision making, and healthy transitioning.


Forget Me Knot Youth Services offers a four-pillar system that includes:

  1. business and economic development league

  2. youth emergency housing

  3. mentorship and crisis intervention

  4. culturally integrated educational programs


FMKYS began through street outreach and school initiatives in Philadelphia, PA and Camden, NJ. Even then, FMKYS was providing young people with one-on-one and group mentoring, job readiness, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, employment, educational enrichment and peer groups focused on identity, purpose and cognitive development. Realizing that a growing population of young people served were affected by homelessness, sex trafficking, poverty and trauma, the need to obtain a central location became paramount.


Our breakthrough was the attainment of the former Gratz and Dropsie College Campus located at 2321 N Broad Street in Philadelphia, PA. Gratz college has an illustrious history in the city of Philadelphia in which FMKYS goal is to re-emerge this history in offering young people with emergency housing that includes the culture and love of a college dormitory. In addition to the 9000-sq. ft. 35 bed dorm FMKYS works with a local clothing business on the property to provide young people with economic sustainability through employment. Over the past three years, FMKYS has made tremendous strides in meeting the needs of at-risk youth in the greater Philadelphia Region and has served over 1,600 youth in Camden, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, and Chester County, PA.

"We have a powerful potential in our youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends."

Mary Mcleod Bethune


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